Is your dangerous goods risk assessment up to date? Has it been reviewed recently? In this article we look at when you should review your dangerous goods risk assessment and some things you need to check as part of that review.

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When does a risk assessment expire?

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In Western Australia there is a legal requirement to review and update your dangerous goods risk assessment in response to certain triggers. These triggers are listed in sub-regulation 48(3) of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-Explosives) Regulations 2007. We have provided some examples for each of the triggers below.

"(a) if there is a significant change to any process or system

of work in relation to the storage and handling of

dangerous goods; or"


  • Changes to the amount of dangerous goods stored

  • Changes to the products stored

  • Changes to the way dangerous goods are used onsite

  • Significant modifications to the dangerous goods facility or the site around the facility

  • Changing equipment

  • Change in the number of staff or operating hours

"(b) if there is any other evidence to indicate that the risk

assessment no longer adequately assesses the risks; or"


  • A new standard or guidance note is released which is applicable to the facility

  • An incident occurs at a similar site

  • You learn about new hazards associated with the facility which weren't covered by the risk assessment

  • The person who prepared the original risk assessment is shown to not be competent

"(c) if a reportable situation under regulation 121(1) occurs

at the dangerous goods site; or"

Reportable situations include any dangerous goods incident or any other situation on site which resulted in or could have resulted in an unexpected spill, leak or other release of dangerous goods or fire, explosion or other release of energy.

"(d) in any event, at intervals of not more than 5 years from

the assessment or last review,"

All risk assessments must include the date prepared. Your document management system must include this review at least every 5 years.


The review needs to be conducted by a suitably competent person. This person should have experience in risk assessment and dangerous goods safety and compliance. The review should consider the following:

  • What triggered the review?

  • What has changed since the last review?

  • Has new technical guidance been released that is applicable to the facility?

  • Are there new versions of any codes of practice used in the assessment?

  • Has input from the facility operators been included in the assessment?

  • Is the risk assessment clearly documented?

  • Are the controls specified in the risk assessment still in place and functioning as required?

Ensure that a record of the review is kept and any updates to the risk assessment are communicated to the relevant people.


Not sure if your risk assessment needs to be updated? Do you need assistance in conducting a review of your risk assessment? Contact us to have your risk assessment reviewed by a dangerous goods consultant accredited by the Department of Mines, Industrial Regulation and Safety. You can also find out more about dangerous goods safety by reading some of our other blog articles.


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